SCAPEGOAT : A Play on Rights

The program from SCAPEGOAT, a play performed for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2008 in South Australia.

Bare Fisted Bare Bars

Bare Fisted Bare Bars

A chilling look at what might be YOUR FUTURE ?

by Tony Moore

Why I wrote the play :

A young man has been arrested. What was his crime? He is being held without lawyer or recourse to the courts. He is an unperson. In his jail cell he meets his Personal Inquiry Officer who has the power of life and death over him without any appeal. How will this end? We have allowed a series of pieces of legislation to be passed which look more and more biased against Muslims. This is because of fear. We are frightened that we are going to face attacks like 9/11, and we are giving up freedom of speech and many of our civil rights. The new sedition laws and anti terrorist laws take care of that. The real problem with our Constitution is that it contains no Bill of Rights. We rely largely on Common Law for the basic freedoms that are defined in both the US and French Constitutions. There are two things that must be remembered; first, whatever laws we pass it is impossible to guard against a killer who is prepared to die to achieve his or her end, and second, we can, by trying too hard to defend against an enemy, become so like that enemy that we are indistinguishable. I want to show where our present tendency to limit freedom in our society can take us. I chose a Muslim and a non-Muslim protagonist because that split is what is currently affecting our society. Had I written this play in the sixties the Man would have been possibly either Greek or Aboriginal, had I written in it in the eighties the man would have been Asian.

Tony Moore

Adelaide Feb 2008.

Tony Moore: Playwright

Tony has been involved in theatre since his teenage years but only began writing in the late eighties. He has had some 6 plays published and a number of others performed since 1988 when “Murder at Doom Manor”, his first play, was performed for the first time. He has had plays performed in the UK, Greece and Australia. In his youth Tony was a very political animal, passionately involved in the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign, and Scapegoat heralds a return to his political roots.

Sahil Chouiar: The Man

Sahil started his acting career at the age of 10 doing commercials for digital cameras, TV stations and ice creams (his favourite). He then starred in an internationally acclaimed award-winning children’s movie called Halo, followed by long stint in a popular children’s TV show. After that Sahil took a break from screen and discovered a love for theatre. After doing a string of shows at high school (including The Bear (Checkov), Antigone and The Dream Play (Strindberg)), he plunged into the big bad world of amateur theatre and worked with the Adelaide Uni. Theatre Guild in two shows. Spring Awakening (2003) and The Merry Wives of Windsor (2005). He also appeared in Independent Theatre’s Indian Ink (2006). Sahil also runs his own theatre company producing and directing two shows for the Fringe so far – Let’s Have Sex (2006) and He Died With A Felafel in His Hand (2007). He is looking forward to producing Speaking in Tongues (later this year) and Cosi (next year). He works as Theatre Editor for Entropy, the Uni. SA Student paper. His ultimate aim is to get back to screen, writing, producing, acting in and directing movies that incorporate the finer features of theatre!

Joanna Webb: The Inquiry Officer.

Jo first appeared on stage in East Lynne, at the tender age of seven and has never forgotten the excitement of having a pretty dress and a ringleted wig. In the same production she also played a boy, trousers and short hair. She grew up in Launceston and was involved with various local groups. She moved to Adelaide in 1986 where she met her husband and, after securing La Mama and opening another theatre venue, they moved to London where she trained at the Academy Drama School, Whitechapel. After a stint on the London fringe (equivalent of off Broadway) circuit they moved to Kent where she helped found the Sevenoaks Shakespeare Society and Panache Productions. Jo’s experience ranges from straight plays, new writing, musicals to opera. Career highlights include the opportunity to have taken part in several world premieres and a fondness for musicals where she can let her hair down and generally enjoy herself. UK acting credits include: Abigail The Crucible, First Witch (two productions) Macbeth, The Fool King Lear, Adriana The Comedy of Errors, Woman Footfalls, Mazeppa Gypsy, Elizabeth/Libby ReCreation. Australian acting credits include: Woman No Privacy – Coping Fringe 2006, Nancy Steaming, Anne Rick, Linda Play It Again Sam, Agnes Shadow Box.

Damien White: A Guard

Damien White has been in several productions around Adelaide over the last few years. From his early beginnings, which included a stint as a Basil Fawlty impersonator he has appeared as Gilbert Bodley in Not Now Darling for ACTAD, Hamlet in Rosencrantz And Guildenstem Are Dead for Lightning Strike, and most recently as Phil in Spotlight’s production of Rick. He has also directed for the stage, and has appeared as an extra in McLeod’s Daughters. Following his appearance in Rick and an earlier appearance in Murder at Doom Manor this will be his third appearance in a Tony Moore play. He will soon be performing in the lead role in Daw Park Player’s production of Anyone For Breakfast?

Gary Harrison: A Guard

Gary is a newcomer to the stage and the guard in Scapegoat is his first role. He is involved in this play in part because of his commitment to the message that the play carries. He has chosen to change direction to the stage because it seems to him the right thing to do at this time of his life. He saw an advert for the auditions, answered it and here he is. He is looking forward to the next project that Spotlight finds him suitable for.

Peter Dorrian: The Composer

Peter Dorrian is a composer and musician, with varied interests and influences. He has played in numerous bands over the years, ranging from brass bands and orchestras through to folk and rock bands. He has been seen around Adelaide most recently playing guitar and singing in cabaret-style Shagpile and banjo-mandolin and ghost whistle in string band Grandma’s Shotgun. His early foundation in composition was born while playing his own improvised movie soundtracks to late-night movies on SBS. It is no surprise to those who know him that he is now composing, playing and recording soundtrack music for theatre. In the Scapegoat soundtrack you will hear only a 1927 iron-frame piano that creates a special rustic character. Peter was heavily influenced by world music in this work, based on atmospheric Arabic scales. He hopes you are moved by this play.

Cast List :

The Man
Sahil Choujar
The Woman
Joanna Webb
The Guards
Damien White and Gary Harrison

Acknowledgements :

  • Damien White
  • Sue Abbott of Abbott Printing
  • MAD Promotions
  • Zoran Matic of Jah’z
  • Margaret Moore
  • nts media
  • Maxine Grubel-Wilson

Production Team :

  • Writer/Director : Tony Moore
  • Composer : Peter Dorrian
  • Stage Manager/Technician : Nick Moore
  • Poster Design : Maris Caune

From an idea by Joanna Webb
The writer wishes to thank Maxine Grubel-Wilson and Sean Wellsmore for their assistance in workshopping the script.

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Bare Fisted Details

Bare Fisted Details

a political play by Tony Moore

“He who is prepared to give up basic liberties to achieve a little safety deserves

neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

What will our country be like in the not too distant future as a result of our new sedition

and anti-terrorist laws ?

Now that they have taken away our freedom of speech


How long will it be until someone is arrested, detained, interrogated and tortured not for

what they may have done, but for who they are ?

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